Since 1981...
Beginning of great change and innovations

From The Roots of Istanbul Into To Globe

The roots of the brand Giant are much more than a typical story of a brand, it is based on the narrative of modern men s fashion, which steadily arrived from past to present, to become a gigantic dream. Giant s commercial story started in 1981 with the launch of a boutique workshop in Istanbul. The dreams set up in a small workshop, the taste of high-fashion and the normative gusto offered for men s clothing were the most significant elements that brought the brand closer to its global position. Although time and its trends are rapidly evolving, the only thing that remains eternal is the passion of the brand Giant for all its elegance.


While going into the Millennium in the 2000s, which was the beginning of great change and innovation, Giant carried out essential investments and needed strategies in parallel with this great change in the company of their slogan "The Shirt of the New Age".  Continuing to design and produce with discipline, perfection and imagination in more than 30 years of its history, Giant adds deep, realistic and emotional nuances onto the style codes of modern men. The story that began in Istanbul creates a brand new star that shines globally nowadays. Since the beginning, Giant continues to offer its fashion adventure to the whole world by collaborating with top designers.